The HELIUS Dream

Our dream is an Amsterdam without health inequalities, an Amsterdam in which everyone, irrespective of his or her origin, can count on the best health care and disease prevention. This dream can only be achieved if we know what the best treatments and prevention measures are by means of research. Via large scale research in which we follow large numbers of people from different origins for a long period of time, we can provide answers to questions like:

  • Why do we see asthma more often among people of Turkish and Moroccan origin?
  • Why do Moroccans suffer from cardiovascular disease less often than people of Dutch origin?
  • Why are people of Surinamese origin more likely to develop diabetes and high blood pressure than people of Dutch origin?

To fulfill our dream, we need financial support. Will you help us to fulfil our dream?

Support HELIUS

There are several ways to support the HELIUS project. For example, you can become a donor, donate research material and/or equipment, or become a sponsor of our research location. Both private and corporate contributions to the HELIUS project are tax deductible (subject to current regulations).

Do you want to learn more about how you can support HELIUS? Please contact the AMC Foundation: +31(0)20 566 1776

HELIUS Partners

Our dream is partially financed by AMC and GGD Amsterdam and we are a step closer to achieving our dream thanks to the support of:


Friends of HELIUS

The friends of the HELIUS project have our project’s interests at heart and have supported us greatly through financial contributions and donation of services. These friends are very important to us and warrant recognition.

The HELIUS project would like to thank the following friends for their financial support: