Preparing for the physical examination 

In this section, we will explain what you need to keep in mind for your visit to the research location:

  • We ask that you come to the research location on an empty stomach. This means you should not eat or drink anything after 10 p.m. the night before your appointment, except for water. You can, however, take medicines with water. Please note! Do you take medicine for diabetes? If you do, do not take this medicine. But do bring it along with you to the research location so you can take it right after the physical examination.
  • It is extremely important for the measurements that you do not smoke on the morning of your visit to the research location.
  • For a number of measurements, we will ask you to take off your clothing from the waist up (you can keep your undergarments on), and to take off your shoes and socks. For this reason, we ask you to wear clothing that is easy to put on and take off.
  • In case we asked to bring urine: On the morning of your visit to the research location, when you urinate for the very first time, we ask that you collect some of this early-morning urine in a clean jar (for example, a jam jar). The night before, it is important that you empty your bladder completely before going to bed.

We ask that you bring the following to your appointment at the health centre:

  • Identification
  • The name and address of your general practitioner (GP)
  • Insurance card
  • The medicines and vitamins you take (including the packaging!)
  • Early-morning urine in a jar
  • Reading glasses, if you need them
  • The confirmation letter with information about your appointment
  • The completed questionnaire (only if you received a paper version of this)
  • The completed family form (if you received this from us along with the confirmation letter)