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HELIUS would like to thank the following organizations for their cooperation:

Ujala Radio, GAM TV, Soulhour TV, Quason K. Media Ministeries, Radio Godiya, Adom TV, Recogin, Akasanoma Radio, Ghanaian churches, Stichting de Witte Tulp, Stichting Cabo, Stichting Sanitas, Stichting Hakder, HTDB, AKM, ATKB, Elif: stichting voor Turkse vrouwen, HDV Mescida Aksa, Milli Görü? jongerenfederatie, Buurtparticipatie Bos en Lommer, Stichting Surinaamse vrouwen Bijlmermeer



  • W Perini, AE Kunst, MB Snijder, RJG Peters, IGM van Valkengoed. Ethnic differences in metabolic cardiovascular risk among normal weight individuals: implications for cardiovascular risk screening. The HELIUS study. NMCD (in press).
  • SD van Laer, MB Snijder, C Agyemang, RJG Peters, BJH van den Born. Ethnic differences in hypertension prevalence and contributing variables – the HELIUS study. Eur J Prev Cardiol (in press).
  • IM Blom, ES Cohen, LV Eshuis, AJ Woudstra, MB Snijder, AE Kunst, MP Fransen. Ethnic differences in health literacy among young adults in Amsterdam. HLRP 2018 (in press).





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