Participants tell their stories

Hatice Yalvac

‘I’m helping HELIUS for all Turkish people’
"‘Diabetes is very common in my family. I’ve often wondered why this is. It’s a problematic disease – your vision deteriorates, and it also takes an emotional toll. You have to check your blood levels every day to see if they’re stable, and you have to watch what you eat. Some of my relatives don’t take it seriously... read more

Mustafa Barutcu

‘I’m helping HELIUS for my nephew who has asthma...’
My 5-year-old nephew has severe asthma. He’s often short of breath, and then he has to take medicine through an inhaler to be able to breathe more easily. I think it’s sad that a little child like my nephew has to suffer so much from this disease. He should be able to go out and play football with his friends without always getting so short of breath. I’ve noticed... read more

Patrick Yngard

‘I’m helping HELIUS out of curiosity’
‘I’d like to know more about the health of Surinamese people in Amsterdam. And I’d also like to know more about my own blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels. Of course, I could always ask my general practitioner about this. But I don’t ever seem to get around to it. And because I’m not having any problems... read more

Mrs. Phyllis Döll – Osei Ameyaw

‘I am helping HELIUS for my community’
‘We Ghanaians think highly of education. Through education the researchers of AMC in collaboration with GGD Amsterdam, found during the GHAIA study that almost half of Ghanaians in Amsterdam have high blood pressure and about 81% of participants are overweight. We now know these facts but we still don’t know... read more

Mr. Mac Ofori

"I help HELIUS for my children and grandchildren"
‘An excellent way to longevity and a healthy life is to know how to manage disease.
Disease management, eradication and prevention could only be achieved through medical research. Medical science recognizes that disease is on the increase. God is at work healing His people. It’s not God’s perfect will to heal us; God’s perfect will is that you don’t get sick... read more 

Fatiha Stitou Laaroussi

I'm helping HELIUS because we urgently need more knowledge on health

‘In my Moroccan family, diabetes and asthma are very common. There’s a good chance it’s in my genes as well... I work as a nurse in the AMC, and around me I see how people from non-white population groups frequently don’t respond as well to medication. People often think this is because patients... read more

Laura Langeraar