What does HELIUS mean for you?

With knowledge derived from HELIUS, it will be possible to improve care and target prevention strategies to the needs of the different groups living in Amsterdam. Based on the results of HELIUS, general practitioners and health services will be able to provide more targeted health advice. В�Furthermore, the research will provide important information on chronic diseases in general.

Results of the physical examination

The examination of participants consists of two parts: filling in a questionnaire and a physical examination. Within eight weeks, participants will receive a letter with the results of the physical examination. If a participant has declared to be registered as a patient in your GP practice, you will receive a letter with the results as well. The information can be added to the file for this particular patient. In case of extremely high or low values, we advise the participants to contact their GP. Therefore, it’s possible that participants will contact you В�when following this advice. In exceptional cases, HELIUS will contact you В�by phone. This procedure will only be followed when values of a participant differ significantly from the norm.