A step-by-step description of the measurements

At the desk

When you arrive at the research location, please report tothe desk. The staff member will ask you for some information and take your stool (and if applicable, urine) sample.

Physical examination

First, the study will be explained to you. Here you have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have about the study. When everything is clear we ask you to sign an informed consent form. By signing this form you are stating that you have been fully informed about the study and that you would like to take part.

Subsequently we ask you a few short questions about your current health. We will make note of the medication and food supplements you take. We take this information from the packaging of the medication you bring with you.

After that we measure your height and weight and the circumference of your hips and waist.

Measuring weight and height:

Finally, we take a sample of your blood and ask you to fill in a short questionnaire.

Afterwards we serve a simple breakfast. If necessary, anything that isn’t clear in the written questionnaire will be discussed. This is the end of your examination.

Blood samples: