Fatiha Stitou Laaroussi



because we urgently need more knowledge on health

‘In my Moroccan family, diabetes and asthma are very common. There’s a good chance it’s in my genes as well... I work as a nurse in the AMC, and around me I see how people from non-white population groups frequently don’t respond as well to medication. People often think this is because patients don’t take their medicine properly, or that they forget to take it. Although this does play a role for some patients, I also see people who, even though they take their medication like they should, still don’t respond well to treatment. There must be other reasons for this. But what are they? I wouldn’t know. Maybe it’s in our genes, then, or that we eat different foods? HELIUS is helping to gain more knowledge about this. So that coming generations can receive better treatment, and so we’ll hopefully be able to prevent these serious diseases in the future. This is why I’m helping HELIUS.’